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Business Process Solutions – ERP
Colnovation Technologies offer highly scalable and affordable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions to help your business utilize all the company resources efficiently. Unlike vertical product-centric approach of the past that were insular and inflexible, the horizontal customer-centric architectures of today are more suitable to meet changing business needs and adapt accordingly. At Colnovation Technologies, our ERP application development follows this service-oriented architecture (SOA) to deliver customized solutions.

By hiring our ERP solutions, you can enjoy several benefits like :

• Anytime, Anywhere Access : You can access our ERP solutions anytime, and from anywhere across the globe to drive your business growth.

• Multiple Application Integration : With our technical expertise, we can help you integrate applications from different vendors.

• Easy, Rapid Implementation : Our adaptable ERP software is easy to implement. With time-tested implementation process, complemented by quality training and other aids, you can start running it quickly.

• Multiple Features and User-friendliness : Some of our ERP solution features are an easy to use interface, drill down analysis, reminders and alerts, multi-level security authentication, collaboration and communication tools etc.

• Compatible to e-business : If you need ERP platforms that can combine e-business services such as supply chain management, business Intelligence, e-procurement, and CRM etc, solutions offered by Colnovation Technologies are your ideal bet.

• Reaching new clientele : We ensure ERP data outreach as we know that it needs to be used by mobile users and multiple enterprises.

• Eliminate Inefficiencies and Redundant Costs : By providing insights into inventory, production, and financial data, ERP solutions of Colnovation Technologies can help you cut down on unnecessary costs, thus improving operational efficiencies.

• Improved Productivity and Customer Satisfaction : Offering you a clear view of your key business indicators, our ERP solutions facilitate increased control and flexibility, accurate management decisions, and consequently greater customer satisfaction.

If you need agile, responsive, scalable and flexible ERP solutions to meet business challenges of the present and future, contact us at Colnovation Technologies today!