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Delivery Model
delivery-modelsWith a unique approach to outsourcing, Colnovation Technologies offer its clients the best of both worlds by blending onshore, onsite, and offshore resources as well as locations into a smooth global delivery model. With our extensive network of onsite, offshore, and onshore resources, we at Colnovation Technologies can cut across geographical boundaries to access the right resources, at the right cost, and in the right location.

Here are our outsourcing delivery models, which can help you leverage expertise, resources, and time zone advantages.

• Offshore Delivery Model : all project development, right from the initial study till the final testing is done on the premises of Colnovation Technologies. Cases having well defined project goals, where deviation from the predetermined parameters is unlikely, work well with this model.
• Onsite Delivery Model : skilled Colnovation Technologies professionals are deployed at the client's site. In cases where a project needs variability/specific type of resources, or where it's crucial to offer post-deployment support, this model is feasible.
• Hybrid Delivery Model : this is a combination of both onsite and offshore delivery models to bring the best of both worlds, along with maximizing efficiency and optimizing costs. Direct interaction with the clients is done by the onsite team, which can take up the role of program managers, consultants, and developers, based on project requirements.
• Global Delivery Model : unlike the conventional delivery models, this model is more robust, and provides clearly defined process guidelines that emphasize the importance of communication and information flow. Combined with quality orientation and infrastructure, this model reduces a client's engagement risk, and acts as a key driver of value realization and success for the clients.

So, take your pick from these models based on what suits you the best, and let Colnovation Technologies help take your business forward.