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Engagement Model
engement-model We at Colnovation Technologies offer multiple engagement models to meet varied needs of businesses across different sectors. Here are some of our outsourcing engagement models, from which you can choose one or more to meet the needs of your project's different phases.

• Fixed Price/Fixed Time : The complete timeline and total price of the development is agreed prior to the commencement of the project. This model is ideal for projects with a specifically defined scope.
• Effort based pricing : Here, the total cost is the sum of the total execution time for the project and the corresponding resources that are deployed. This engagement model works well for complex projects that are prone to changes in design and specifications midstream.
• Milestone-based Pricing : Milestones at different stages of the project are set for payment schedules. This model reduces risks associated with outsourcing of large projects as it supports progress monitoring.
• Offshore Development Center (ODC) : An ODC is established outside the client's premises, and the client guarantees work for a significant timeframe for a dedicated number of resources. Developing and supporting software applications and solutions for client is the responsibility of the ODC. Clients who need IT resources on a regular basis can benefit from this model, as it can reduce the total cost of operations.
• Build Operate Transfer (BOT) : This model starts as an ODC, but has a buy-out option once the relationship reaches a stipulated time frame and a minimum pre-agreed price. The client gets all the benefits of the ODC, and can even get the ODC transferred as its own subsidiary. In the initial phases, this model offers risk reduction, high flexibility, and lower establishment costs. By the time 'transfer' is accomplished, operational stability and process maturity have been achieved.

Call us at Colnovation Technologies to get any of these models, or hire us for a customized outsourcing engagement model to address your specific needs.