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delivery-modelThe outsourcing methodology of Colnovation Technologies focuses on maximizing the benefits, along with identifying suitable processes and projects. The initial step of our outsourcing methodology involves need assessment, service level assessment, and requirement gathering. Our solutions deal with deployment of processes, and requirement studies matching the feasibility of a specific process. Once the initial step gets completed, we optimize the current working model to undertake work where calculated parametrics of the required work environment for design/development, or the production of desired products is used. Our consultants assess the scope of the process and other relevant business compatibilities to ensure high-quality end results.

Different phases in our outsourcing include :

• Obtaining complete information : for high success rates, our offshore team acquires all necessary information about the proposed process or project.
• Development of a customized module : using the gathered information, we work towards the development of structure modules for processes, services, and projects.
• Feasibility analysis : similar models of the processes, services, and projects and analyzed to test the feasibility of a recommended module.
• Evaluation, Estimation and Finalization : received recommendations are evaluated and project estimation is drafted for finalizing the outsourcing process.

After finalization, Colnovation Technologies will help with :

• Recommendations related to the project setup.
• Deployment of process or project design methods.
• Development of fixtures, procedures, and other documentations.
• Support services.

Thanks to our highly focused and efficient outsourcing methodology, we at Colnovation Technologies can help you get your project done efficiently and quickly. Call us now for further discussions.