Our Approach

Colnovation is basically Collaboration + Innovation. We are group of forward thinking technocrats who believe future will lie on two core concepts, collaboration and innovation.

We are working towards putting the above concept on ground, yes literally on ground by offering Office as Service (OasS). We are building a Pan India network of Office Spaces that will offer best in class services. So if you are a business you must focus on what is your real business and leave the rest upon us. We will take care of infrastructure, legal, and almost all the other anciliary services by a community approach, ie, we would enable our various clients / users to utilize the services of other users, thereby behaving like a big organization and still keeping their own business intact. Growing Together with Colnovation.

Our Story

We started when we saw many of our friends finding an office and others struggling to reach their offices, couples with kids are unable to decide where to stay, hubby working in Noida with his team on a startup, wife in Gurgaon and the kid got admitted in a good school at Dwarka, where the hell on this earth would these folks live. Just imagine the time and energy is wasted. Money wasted may be there’s but resources? Its of our nation, rather whole mankind, there must be a way to optimize it.

Meet the Team

We are building the team. Looking for change makers in IT / Legal / Problem Solvers

Vaibhav Jain (sometimes called as “VJ”)

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Eric Teagan

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Timothy Barrett

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Next Steps…

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