Hire HR consulting services for a happy and efficient workplace

For any business, big, small, or in-between, employee satisfaction is an important aspect. This is why companies opt for HR consulting services to deal with various aspects related to their employees, and ensure  smooth functioning of their HR department. If you too need HR consulting services in India, you can do some homework online to find the right company that offers services tailor-made to fit your needs and budget.
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The future lies in responsive website designs

As the world population increasingly uses smart devices like tablets, Androids and other mobile devices, IT experts predict that 2013 will see PC sales to take a nosedive. For website developers and designers as well as those offering web services, this means the emergence of millions of screens, which have come into existence due to the increasing number of smart device users. No wonder that need of the hour is to create solutions that cater to this entire new clientele. In other words, the solution is to build websites that work equally well on every smart device. This is what we call responsive web design. Continue reading

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Make your presence felt on the Internet with SEO services

Do you want to:

  • Get your website listed in the popular search engines and directories?
  • Get the maximum number of your website’s web pages listed in search engines?
  • Get backlinks from relevant sites and quality neighborhood?
  • Give a boost to the search engine rankings of your web pages?
  • Facilitate the search engine bots to easily index your website? Continue reading
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Grow your business with email marketing solutions

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective, powerful, measurable, and instantaneous marketing channels that marketers can use to their benefit. If you too want to tap into this marketing tool, experts at Colnovation Technologies can help.

Whether you want to create your permission based list for email marketing, build a professional custom template for emails, analyze data and track your email campaigns, or set delivery of bulk emails, our experts can handle all that and more.
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Attract customers with affordable ecommerce shopping

With a majority of the world’s consumers opting for shopping from the comfort of their homes or offices, more and more businesses are integrating online shopping carts with their websites to offer a hassle-free, customer friendly shopping experience to their clients. If you haven’t created an online store yet, it’s time to get one or you may end up losing a sizable chunk of online shoppers. Continue reading

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