I am professional, how can I grow with WorkOlix?

WorkOlix provides you a platform to offer your services while being a part of it. You can have your own office, grow organically and exponentially. There are vendors and clients, both at a same platform for you... #Collaborate and #Innovate...

Can I use office at multiple location, while paying for one?

When you become a member, you can literally work with any provider, obviously logistics will have to be worked out. Ops team will work with you for all such flexible needs.

What is pay as you go model?

Pay as you go model is based on credits, you will be charged only for the days you log in.


Who can be our space provider?

If you have a space which you wish to rent, think before traditional rent model. You can partner with us and create a wonderful asset, which will bring the best RoI. Write to us to know more... Our RE expert will be happy to assist further.

If I don't own the space, can I still get associated with WorOlix?

You can either lease a property, get it developed and launch it our systems. If you don't have a property, very soon we are launching a partner development program, where we can get you associated with a partner who has the property which can be developed and managed by you.